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Pools that bring the family together.

With proven quality fiberglass materials

Servicing Installations in NJ and PA

Distribution in NJ, PA, DE, NY, MD, VA and more.


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Get Your Pool ASAP for 2023

Choosing your pool can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. At Sundeck Pools, we provide our customers with quality support services and a wide variety of packages so that our customers can make the most informed decision on their investment, and truly design a project that is best suited for their family. 

At Sundeck Pools, we have limited space available for Dig, Drop, Set, and Plumb installations per season and we book the early spring during fall of the previous year, and mid-late summer during the spring season. We suggest serious buyers to consider us at least 6-8 months ahead of when they can expect to have their pool installed, even for in-stock models.

Currently Booking for the 2023 Season

Number of DIY Packages

Number of Installations

Number of Assisted Installs

Current Ship Timeframe

In Stock Models

Unlimited Opportunity

Available Openings

5 Available Openings

8-12 Weeks

Approx. 86 Pools Available


Premium Pool Packages for Every Family



Our "Do-It-Yourself" Pool Kits include the pool shell, pool delivery, and standard pool equipment package including the pump, filter, skimmer, returns, plumbing.


We provide a "Dig Drop Set Plumb" pool install package that includes everything but electric and concrete. This popular package saves our customers on average up to $10K in comparison to neighboring companies to charge high premiums for streamlining these services.


We provide "Pool Assistance" for DIY customers who want to supply their own materials to build and hire directly for labor only to ensure their job is done right.


5-Star Reviews

Building meaningful relationships with our customer base is important to us. We seek to satisfy our customers and look forward to building a project they are truly happy and in love with. 

Finance Your Project in Full 

Spend less out of pocket with Sundeck Pools. We offer 100% financing for customers with all budgets, even customers with low to medium credit scores. Our average interest rate for financing is 5% and our customers can be fully covered in less than 2-3 weeks with loans up to 5 to 10 years.

We also offer flexible payment structures, including credit card and debit card transactions with a 4% transaction fee. Our customers can pay partial on card, partial in financing, and partial in check/cash. We make it easy for our customers to afford their project without spending a lot out of pocket.


Why Choose Fiberglass?


Markets Favorite

Out of all the models currently on the market, the fiberglass pool appears amongst the best seller for 2022-2023. The fiberglass pool as a long term investment is cost efficient, quality materials and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.




Less Chemicals

Low Cost Maintenance

Fiberglass pools are less cost because the manufacturer shell holds a steady price, and there is not many variables that could push your project over your budget limit. The cost to run and take care of a fiberglass pool is also less than it's vinyl and gunite alternatives due to the non-abrasive surface so algae can't find many places to hide. With less chemicals, your pool is healthier and less expensive to operate.


Fast Installation

Less Contractors Involved

Fiberglass pools are 3-4 days in the ground, sometimes more or less given the towns inspection schedule. This fast installation process allows for your yard makeover to happen very quickly, so our customers aren't staring at dirt for months on end like vinyl and gunite pool customers.



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